According to a top news source, Google, the company we all know so well, will announce a particularly new service for Web publishers to manage their online ad sales.

This might sound particularly interesting in the light of $3.1 billion acquisition of DoubleClick Inc.

As of now only a few Web sites are testing this service. Google is hoping that the users of the Ad Manager will agree to carry some ads that Google sells in ad spots on their Web sites. Google would take a commission on revenue from any ads it sells.

The bulk of Google’s revenues, as we all know are through its Ad services. Now that it has acquired DoubleClick, there might be pretty interesting growth in the way it might offer it services. DoubleClick in itself was a leader of sorts.

Users of this service can choose many formats which include graphical display, video and the popular “text ads”.

Publishers around the world are now eagerly waiting for the service to open up……..