One of the most promising new services has been released recently…..

Check out PicApp……

This company based in San Francisco offers stock photos (photos taken by professionals) from large photo banks which includes Getty Images and Corbis for free.

PicApp gives out images for FREE to its members. All you need to do is get yourself registered for free of-course.

Once you log yourself in, you can search through the images by giving a keyword. As for my experience with this, it is still a bit difficult to get the right image in the first shot. Once you find your image, there are different options like embed, mail and also to save the image (in the lightboxes section) for further reference.

If you select the embed option, you would be given a code, which can be pasted onto your webpage to publish the image. That’s it. Below is an example of an image from PicApp.

picApp_publisherId = 1715;picApp_imageId = 8517;picApp_imageWidth = 357;picApp_imageHeight = 236;picApp_configUrl = “”;picApp_Picview=””;picapp_numberOfLine=1;ImageServe();

PicApp’s mascot is “Scootie” (located on the top left of the image on top), who also helps you to navigate through PicApp.

Well the business idea behind this service is that, PicApp displays some contextual ads in the flash file of the image. The money made by this advertising will be shared with the photo agencies.

One crazy idea: if PicApp can accommodate images from individuals and make them earn some money in return for the use of their images – would be an awesome drive to get in more people and images!