If you have used Yahoo’s oneSearch then you will love FreeMobile411 too. It gives access to millions of US business and residential listings, detailed maps, nearby points of interests, driving directions and much more on your mobile phone.

As with oneSearch FreeMobile411 is a very easy to use VOICE-ENABLED search application. After downloading FreeMobile411, just open the application on your mobile phone, PRESS and HOLD the “talk” key and say the “City and State” you need. Next, select either “Search by Business Name”, “Business Type” or “Person”. PRESS and HOLD the “talk” key and say either the business listing you are looking for, a business category or a Person. Within a few seconds, the phone number, address, map, directions, nearby places and other great features will be displayed on you phone. You also have the option to make a search by typing in your request if you are in a very loud or quiet environment.

The downloadable version of FreeMobile411™ records your VOICE input, compresses it into a data file and sends it to our servers for processing. The recording will be converted into text and the results are sent back and displayed on your screen within seconds.

FreeMobile411 is completely FREE! Depending on your carrier and your carrier’s plan, you may be charged for text messaging or accessing data on your device. No matter which carrier you have, you will not be charged on a per search basis when using FreeMobile411.

Currently only the beta version of FreeMobile411 is available. The first version of FreeMobile411™ will be released soon. And the current app is supported by just eight Sprint phones.

So if you are a Sprint cell phone user, then why wait…check it out here