“HYmini is a hybrid mini green power station that fits in the palm of your hand” – there you have it, a line from the HYmini’s website.

To say it in simple words, it is a portable handheld device containing a turbine which rotates when there is wind and when doing so it rotates the magnets inside it to generate power! How’s that. The power gets stored in a battery and exponentially increases with higher wind speed until 40 mph.

It can also be charged using conventional wall plug power to recharge cell phones, MP3 player, iPod, PDA, digital camera or other 5V devices.

Lithium Ion polymer rechargeable battery has around 500 complete charge cycles. If the battery is fully charged every time, it should have at least of 1000mAh of stored capacity for you to transfer this power to other 5V devices up to 500 times. A conventional mobile phone has around 0.4Ah to 0.7 Ah of battery capacity.

Now the most important question:

How much can you capture in 20 minutes ?

How to use it?


An add-on to the HYmini is the miniSOLAR battery which is a nice utility product where one can use solar power to charge the battery which can then be used to charge 5V devices.

One can connect 4 such batteries in series to charge at once.


How much can you capture in 20 minutes from miniSOLAR?

Another interesting thing to watch out for is that the solar cell is made up of cardboard box and thus will not pollute the environment, since it is easily decomposable.

These might see and sound like small toys for children, but this might be the first steps to developing better products for everyday use wherein even action could produce some kind of energy which can be stored for further use…..

Images Courtesy: HYmini