Second Life is a part of web revolution. It changed the way people started to communicate and networked. It gave many people the chance to express themselves and gave them a new life (be it for good 🙂 or for bad 😦 ).

But I totally agree that it has explicit material and kids should be protected from abuse. CNet reported that Rep. Mark Kirk highlighted what he called the “dangers” of the virtual world to children. Flanked by local officials, he also released a letter asking Federal Trade Commission Chairman William E. Kovacic to “take action to warn parents of the similar dangers and sexually explicit content found on Second Life.”

Some politicos in the U.S. Congress may be embracing Second Life
(pictured here is California Democrat George Miller’s press conference
in the virtual world last year). But Illinois Republican Mark Kirk says
it’s a danger zone for children and must be blocked, by law, on school
and library computers.
(Credit: Linden Lab)

Kirk said he was appalled that Second Life has no age verification features built into its registration process, and he claimed that there are “countless locations” outside of the service’s teen-designated area where virtual prostitution, drug deals, and “other wholly inappropriate activities” occur.

This is not the first time Kirk raised his voice this was another attempt to support a bill, which he reintroduced last year, known as the Deleting Online Predators Act.

That proposal would require schools and libraries that receive federal subsidies through a program called E-rate to certify that they’ve put in place a “technology protection measure” on all of their computers that “protects against access to a commercial social-networking Web site or chat room, unless used for an educational purpose with adult supervision.”

What I would say is that its a great move to go ahead and create some kind of regulation to protect the innocent from being abused (which is a growing trend in internet).

But the raging question is – How one can protect children from any harm in this unfathomable bad world of internet? I would never want to see children getting abused.