is literally trying to keep its customers (and attract more). It launched a new format to present its search results, with more visual appeal. Called as Yahoo! Glue the service is available as of now only in India since Yahoo’s Indian team developed the feature and so far there are no plans to bring it to the United States or other areas, said spokeswoman Kathryn Kelly. But according to some people in the industry it is going to be introduced to US this summer (US is a big market – can’t miss that).

It is somewhat similar to Google’s Universal Search which displays results from its different sources like images, videos etc.

Yahoo Glue only works for certain categories of searches like sports, travel, entertainment, health, stocks, and tech, but it does produce a more satisfying experience than the traditional list of blue links.

(Search term: Cricket)

(Search term: Bangalore)

Combined with its ongoing SearchMonkey project (see my previous post on SearchMonkey), which allows developers to change the way search results are displayed. Yahoo is definitely moving forward in the right direction to override Google.

Launching the service in India might not come as a surprise seeing Google launch its YouTube India service just a few days back.