If there is any good that Facebook has created other than connecting family and friends, its getting more and more startups follow its footsteps!

I was going through an article by Vauhini Vara in The Wall Street Journal and was amazed to see the buzz that Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook has created among his fellow Harvard students.

Many feel that the road taken by Facebook (amazn!) will also take them their. They have started to idolize Zuckerberg. Paul Bottino, director of Harvard’s Technology & Entrepreneurship Center is quoted saying, “I would not hesitate for a second to say Facebook’s a motivator. Facebook creates would-be Facebooks.”

Harvard has noticed this trend. It has loosened a rule prohibiting students from running companies from dorm rooms.

In the past eight years, Harvard has introduced more classes, clubs and contests for entrepreneurs. Mr. Bottino says those decisions weren’t directly related to Facebook, but he acknowledges that Facebook’s success has given Harvard students a more-entrepreneurial bent.

Good going Facebook, you inspire!