Imagine this. You are traveling in your car on a lonely road, away from all the din of the city and your car stops at the middle of nowhere. An empty fuel tank! There is no one in sight, let alone a small dog howling in the bushes. No filling station in sight. No worries. You take out a bottle of drinking water and fill up the tank and you start the car and voila! You zoom away!

This might remain as a story if not for a Japanese company, Genepax.

In what might become a revolution of sorts, Genepax has come out with a car that runs on water. Yes, you heard me right. The Japanese company says that the prototype car runs entirely on water and air.

Their indigenously designed “Water Energy System (WES)”, produces power by the use a proprietary technology called as Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA), which is capable of dividing hydrogen and oxygen from water.

The secretly guarded technology is based on existing technology, is expected to produce hydrogen from water for longer time than any method currently available, according to company officials.

The fuel cell stack, which is used here, has a rated output of 120W and a fuel cell system with a rated output of 300W. The cost of production is around about ¥2,000,000 (US$18,522), but it might come down to ¥500,000 (US$4600) once it goes into mass production. Genepax aims to collaborate with Japanese manufacturers to mass-produce it.

Take a look of this cool video from Reuters:

Whatever might be the outcome of this, people are waiting to see a genuine proof (until they get their hands on one). This is not the first attempt to run an automobile on water. There were many who tried to do one, like Stanley Meyer’s with his water fuel cell and Henry Garrett’s electrolytic carburetor.

All that one needs to do is to wait, watch and hope that this won’t start a war for precious water!