Come along, take a walk with me
a walk down a trodden lane
this walk may give me the answers
this walk may break the chain

I dare not take this walk alone
I dare not, lest I get scared
I’ve never taken walks alone
I’ve never ever dared

I know I’ve been there before
coz it’s all coming back
I can see the pandemonium
like darkness through a crack

Help me with these first steps
The trip ahead is long
Talk me thru these first steps
or maybe… sing me a song

What do you see round the corner?
coz I think I see light
Just can’t wait to get there
It’s been a really long night

I’m feeling a lot better now
I’m glad I took this walk
Thanks for all your songs
and thanks for all the talk

You’ve been there through the dark
Now stay with me while it’s bright
Then I’d know your not leaving
coz then it’d never be night..

Now that we’ve reached this place
Please… don’t let go of me
Coz I’ve walked right into your heart
Right where I want to be..