Blogger Buster Competition Announcement

Blogger Buster is a must read for any aspiring Blogger. Here at 80 Feet Road, we are always trying to innovate on the means of group networking for a better cause. Thanks to you, Amanda, we have been trying many innovative methods by which we can bring out the best from the Blogger Platform. The tricks and hacks you post in Blogger Buster are just amazing. We wonder how you come up with such creative ideas. 🙂 Thank you Amanda.

The Blogger Wishlist Competition is a wonderful opportunity for us to give us our thoughts on how we think Blogger can help us to achieve our goal of getting a better template. We want our voice to be heard by Blogger and you can help us achieve it. Thanks for this innovative and novel idea of a contest.

Here is a list of what we would like in a template:

  1. Our Blog is a ‘Team Blog’ – where different bloggers of our team post frequently. Blogger has the ability to allow author names to appear at the end of each post. What we would like is to have the name linked to the author’s Blogger ID and if possible give a small picture-image of the respective author beside the author ID.
  1. Templates which uses json scripts.
  1. Default “Contact us” Form for all blogs.
  1. Offer customized blogger templates like Firefox does for its addons.
  1. Better options to easily create three column and four column template (option to drag and drop columns would be great!)
  1. A static homepage for a blog from Blogger.
  1. A social-networking platform in Blogger.

We do hope that our voice will be heard.