In thy beautiful lotus feet my Lord
I shall seek love and truth alike

Where had you been O avatar of God
leaving me here in darkness and fear

Merci on me O Exalted one
I dint see the enlightened one

Churn the ocean of truth and knowledge
in the mind of this worldly ape

You filled my soul with love and joy
lest I be lost in the world of desire

Let me dine with you, let me sing with you,
show me the divine path O Lord, I shall follow you
like a dog.

Come fast my Guru, lest I be lost in this Maya
A Maya of temporary bliss, which is not what I seek

Give me O Master the eternal lamp of divine knowledge,
to burn the oil of Maya.

You can show me Allah, you can show me Christ,
you can show me Shiva and all the Gods above.

I shall be searching for you in everything I see my Lord
I shall become your loving disciple

Come fast O Lord, for I cannot bear no more
the ordeal of this Maya!

– dedicated to the lotus feet of one of the eternal teachers: Paramahamsa Yogananda

By Guruvardhan