By Shilpa Nangali

One of my friend was saying that life is not always a bed of roses like in school/college days. I told him that life is always a bed of roses with petals and thorns both…sometimes happiness like petals will kiss us and make us feel a complete bliss. However, sometimes hurdles/sufferings trouble us like thorns…!

My friend said : “Ya you are right,but it is so hard”. I agree it is hard, but it is good for us. Thorns manifest more evidently after school/college days, and this is to make us independent in removing those thorns out of our life by ourselves. We need to accept that and be stronger.

We learn a lot from our lives battling against several kinds of hurdles we encounter. Isn’t it? That’s why, I think Gandhiji said: MY LIFE IS MY MESSAGE! How true…life is a learning experience at each stage.