Well if you were amazed at the currently available images on Google Earth, think again. The imagery in Google Earth spans a range of resolution, the coarsest being 15 square meters per pixel. This is only good enough to see large geographic features.

This will soon change when GeoEye-1 (a satellite) will orbit 423 miles above Earth to transmit images as small as 41 centimeters across!

GeoEye Satellite (Left) and the rocket (Right)

Google signed an exclusive deal with the satellite company GeoEye, for sole rights to images from its GeoEye-1 orbiter. It will orbit the earth 15 times a day, mapping almost one million square kilometres of imagery per day. GeoEye-1 will produce the highest resolution pictures of the Earth’s surface which will be used by Google in its mapping software.

Google has even got its logo tattooed on to the side of Delta II rocket which will launch the satellite on September 4, 2008.

Google spokeswoman Kate Hurowitz told Reuters that the company would begin receiving images from the new satellite within three months, once the systems on board had been checked.

This move will give a boost to Google in the business of mapping software. With the use of Google’s sketchup tool one can use it for many purposes too.