By Deeksh

Hi Friends,

Today when I was checking my inbox, I found very interesting mail (rather I call it STRANGE mail). It was about a tree called Nareepol, which is believed to be located at Petchaboon province 500 kms away from Bangkok. The mail had few pics of this tree.

Out of curious I Google’d to see if I get more of info on this, specially pics. Alternatively I wanted to check if this info is updated in Wikipedia.

To my surprise I could see lots of blogs on this with same info, nothing less nor more. Even Wiki dint have info.

As I was reading all those blogs, the bloggers believed the existence of the tree, but I found many comments (who were thinking jus the way I did) which were not in favor.

Almost all image-pages in Google showed same pics. They are of same angle and repeated pics from the same tree.

I am seriously thinking, if it is real, why have I not come across this these many years?

One of the blog said that 100 years old books mention about this tree.. but the blogger failed to mention any of those books name.

When I saw the pics in my mail box, I was not sure of what I was viewing. But now very much.

It is total internet hoax.

I think there is no proper evidence to prove what bloggers are saying. Every blog you visit, have posted same set of pics.

I try to watch Ripley’s Believe It Or Not regularly. Never I have come across abut this tree.

There is no channel or other media which covered this news. Not even in Discovery Channel.

Seeing all this, I remember a post by one of our Crazy Bloggers – on Mass Media.

Usage of Internet. Amazing stuffs were covered in the post. Both pros and cons were discussed.

One such negative usage is such cases.

The tree is well performed hoax by some talented person, I would say extremely talented. The person has made a story, morphed pics and at last publishing it in Mass Media – the Internet.

Why should someone spread rumors?

Most interesting thing that I came across while browsing on this topic was – COMMENTS.

I read lotssssss of stories on this tree.

I appreciate these story owners for being so creative and imaginative. Common let us use this creativity for betterment of man kind.

Before ending this post, all I want to say is – Don’t believe what you listenmany a times even what you see might not be true

This quote is very true, in life – it is very important to value relations, and we should not be carried away by what we listen or see…..

Always there is a reason for what has happened (not valid too).

I don’t understand the reason behind such rumors. What are they getting in return??

Critics?? Name?? Fame?? Thufffff??

He hee..

Hey, you have viewed the above set of pics which shows human shaped fruits.

Now I have tried to mark the morph spots.