By Shilz

Guys truth cannot be found in arguments! Learn respecting the difference in opinions. Don’t try to prove someone wrong just because you think that what ever you know is true!

We view life in our own perspective. That’s not wrong, but when we try to say someone is wrong when they express their view of seeing life, then its absolutely our mistake. I hate such people who heap their opinions on me, I am not here to carry anyone’s shit…neither anyone of you right? If you are not ready, then how can you do that with someone else?

Opportunities present themselves to give us the chance to achieve greater accomplishments in our life and in the world. We create our destiny with every action and decision we make, by using our talents, with our daily effort, with our hard work as we try to achieve our goals and make our dreams come true. Even when we have failed before we are able to recreate our future with new and better decisions with the lessons learned from our mistakes. We are able to renew our faith in people, in love, in God, in all the things we chose not to have faith anymore and let the experience give a new meaning and purpose to our life.

Every day that we chose to do or not something we are creating our destiny, it is a journey not a destination. It evolves, grows and changes with time. It serves us in the manner that suits us.

I do not believe in destiny. To believe in it will be to renounce to the possibility of so many things in my life. It’s just an excuse in letting things happen instead of MAKING them happen. Destiny is the usual “scapegoat” when we don’t fully understand what happens at the beginning and at the end. But in between, it is all up to us…and what’s “in between” is what actually counts the most. I think “fate” is just a way to blame the cosmos for the outcomes of our actions rather than taking responsibility (good or bad) for them ourselves.

Fate/destiny is the entity we love to put the blame on when we’re wrong or when we are helpless. A guy may break up with a gal & put the blame on fate saying that he is unable to convince his parents for marriage. A son may tell to his father that it’s all his fate when he is unable to understand mathematics…examples go on…

I would like to say one thing here that instead of fighting amongst ourselves about the existence of fate/destiny, lets shape our lives ourselves. Why to waste time in fighting for that, instead utilize that time in using all the possible choices to make your life worth living. Let’s not care whether there is destiny or fate. If it is there or not, that does not bother me, all I want is to shape my life with my sincere efforts!

“We are the masters of our fate, the captains of our souls,because we have the power to control our thoughts.” – Napoleon Hill