Few Rotten Apple’s, And We Blame The Entire Basket.

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Earlier I had written on “Mass Media And Its Responsibilities,” where I had poured scorn over media for forgetting the ethics of journalism and resorting to cheap tricks, in order to attract viewers and gain rating points.

However, watching the terror unfold in Mumbai, over the television channel, beamed live 24 hours; I salute TIMES NOW.

My heart goes out to the victims of this DASTARDLY act. Yet, my heart swells with pride, watching the army, who yet again answer the nation’s distress call. But above all, I realized that mass media understands its responsibilities very well and can be relied upon, at times like these.

TIMES NOW stood out like a star, and did an yeoman’s service by reporting live on the terror act for more than two days. Through out the live telecast, Arnab Goswami, the channel content head, stressed on the responsibility of the media in such situations where they are compelled to cover all that’s happening and yet make sure that they do not give out vital details of the military operation which might end up aiding the terrorists. He even apologized to the viewers at one point, telling us that they would beam the pictures “deferred live” and some incidents would not be shown at all, preserving the integrity of the military operation.

The two days of ordeal was tasking, for both the military personnel and the media crew covering the incident. My heart felt thanks goes out to Mahrukh Inayet, Rahul Shivshankar, Harishree Mehta, Bhavtosh Singh and other TIMES NOW reporters, who, notwithstanding the grey eye bags under their eyes and strained vocal cords, continued to report live.

I felt the intellectual connection when Arnab voiced his displeasure at a certain ministers who turned up at the sites (which was nothing but a well orchestrated cheap political gimmick) where the confrontation was still going on between the terrorists and the military personnel. We need people like Arnab. India is a mess, a ticking time bomb; and people like him leading India would do justice to the term “India Shining.”

TIMES NOW is a part of the Times Global Broadcasting Co., Ltd., which operates as a subsidiary of Bennett, Coleman & Co., Ltd.

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Give a chance for your wounds to heal !


By Shilpa Nangali

Sometimes it so happens that we confuse dreams with reality and at such stage we fail to see the truth. However, an awful and most painful defeat of life comes when you surrender your dreams to reality. This may stop you from dreaming. You may feel like a bird with its wings being wounded making it unable to fly! Just imagine, how terrible it is if the person whom you love the most, cuts your wings…totally disastrous, isn’t it ? I have no words to explain such pain but I have seen the pain of such people. Now, they are happy, and guess why? That’s because they understood that they are the ones who should take care of themselves and they are the ones who should see to that they give a chance for their wounds to heal!

Remember, if you are the one who never wants your wounds to heal, then nothing or no one can help you!

We face a lot of conceivable troubles while struggling to get the real happiness we need in our lives. I have seen one thing that life is a hell both for an idealistic person and a practical person. A blend of idealistic & practical view is what needed to live a happy life. In my battle to achieve this blend, I have now become realistic! I feel that’s much better!

Bangalore Brought To Its Knees By Its Own Former Chief Minister!


Former Chief Minister of Karnataka, H D Kumaraswamy convened a Kayakalpa Samavesha, a JD(S) rally held to strengthen the party after he took over as the party chief — in Palace Grounds, Bangalore. This resulted in massive traffic jams around the area. Since Palace Grounds is centrally located, this effectively resulted in traffic gridlocks throughout major parts of the city.

Bangaloreans were enraged. After all we have lost count on how many times we have been held hostage, courtesy political demonstrations. Local newspapers spewed venom against the honorable former Chief minister’s actions resulting in widespread grief.

Guess what? The honorable former Chief minister instead poured scorn on Bangaloreans for being selfish. Being stuck in a traffic jam for 6-8 hours for the sake of a political show of strength, we even had to endure his accusations of Bangaloreans being the sole reason for the current sad state of affairs in the country. He even goes on to say that if children in villages walk 6-7 km daily to the schools; children in Bangalore being stuck in a traffic jam for 6-8 hours for a single day is no big deal. He even makes a last ditch effort to impress the village folks with the following line “Bangaloreans ask farmers not to come here. Imagine what would happen if the farmers refuse to sell their produce to Bangaloreans?” He goads Bangaloreans to stay in a village to understand the problems of the village folks.

Yes Mr. Kumaraswamy, we have become selfish. The sole reason is that when politicians like you get elected, the first thing you do is to fill up your coffers.

Even after 60 glorious years have passed since our country declared its independence, children in villages still have to walk long distances to the school. Why? It is because of politicians like you Mr. Kumaraswamy, who have embezzled the funds meant for the development of the villages and have left them in lurch instead.

Mr. Kumaraswamy says that it is the duty of a responsible political party to protest against the government’s failure. In the same vein, being a leader of  a responsible political party, where is the accountability when you had failed.

If the JD(S) wants to address the problems of the rural folk, then why not go to the village and address the villager’s problems on the spot. Why cause in-convenience to the villagers, forcing them to come all the way to the city to have their problems addressed? Being a responsible party, shouldn’t that be the proper course of action. Of course I can understand if you want to contradict your own statements about your party being a responsible one!

Yes Mr. Kumaraswamy, we do have traffic jams at rock concerts. That is the reason why they are called rock concerts. They are generally held in the night, ensuring less inconvenience to the people. But political rallies. Tsk…Tsk….

If the farmers refuse to sell their produce to Bangaloreans, then let them keep it. We city folks can survive on junk foods sold by MNC’s.

Son of the soil eh? Sounds more like Son has been soiled. Soiled by corruption.

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This is in response to the “Brilliant Article”, People!!! No Thank You by Vijai G on EmPower Research blog. Nice to know that Bangalore also had mills that were regarded as spearheads of industry yesteryears. I come from a place known as Chandernagore (Its a French Town on the banks of Ganges, 30 km upstream from Kolkata). It’s famous for Red Curd (Laal Doi) and also boasted of the erstwhile Gondalpara Jute Mills that along with Tribeni Tissues were a common figure in every household not only in Bengal, but also in India. Now the former has been shut down and the latter is running in the midst of losses.

Bandel, 20 km from Chandernagore and 52 km from Kolkata by train, once boasted of the world renowned Dunlop Tyres and Industries. Now it is in shambles.

Perhaps you have heard of Hindustan Motors that manufactures the Ambassador, still the most sought after car for its hardiness and extra comfortability, is also running under losses. It is located at Hindmotor, a place 19 kms downstream Chandernagore.

It is very frustrating for the people of Bengal that whenever it looked like standing on its feet, it has been pecked by unwanted political vandalisms. First it was the CPM, then came the Congress briefly and finally it is now a tug of war between Trinamool Congress and CPM.

God has given us one earth and we had drawn lines on it and divided the land into entities that belong to you and me. I am thankful of the fact that the moon is the satellite of earth and far away from us. If it would have been on earth, we would have divided it too.

Such articles bring out the disgust that the people of Bengal are facing. Sourav Ganguly recently pointed out that he wants her daughter to grow up and settle in Bengal only, but is doubtful as he says “I don’t want Sana to grow up and see there are no jobs in Bengal”.

And CPM led coalition government in West Bengal is seeing dreams out of no-where that Sourav becomes the BRAND AMBASSADOR of HAPLESS BENGAL, IF NOT HOPELESS.

By Arunava Das

Can you give me ten rupees?


As usual I was traveling to office by my regular bus. After exchanging some friendly good mornings and smiles, the bus conductor issued me my fare. Since it was a Monday morning, and office peak hour, there was huge traffic and many boarded our bus. In Bangalore, bus commuters who stand in whatever small place they get to place their single foot, envy those who sit during the journey, they keep eyeing them, so that as soon as one gets up there is a mad rush to occupy the seat! Gosh…

I was lucky today. Got myself a seat at the back of the bus adjoining a window. I love window seats for the simple sake that I can watch the world go by in an animated state. I can sit there for hours without getting restless. While I was sitting there getting comfortable, a small voice spoke to my ear. I turned to see who it was and a young man was sitting next to me. He seemed elder to me, by say 4 years, nicely pressed dress, combed hair, polished shoes and eyes which spoke too little. With an executive bag on his shoulder he was a perfect example of a typical office guy. He spoke again, in a soft voice, “Can you give me 10 rupees?” I was confused. But then again, I observed him closely, now not about his appearance, but his body language. He was restless and was locking his fists feeling desperate. His eyes were blankly staring at something in space. He was lost in thoughts. Or rather I was. Could he be a poet? Could he be a hungry man? Was he mentally unsound? What would he do with ten rupees? I was a little apprehensive.

He introduced himself, soft spoken, gentle and said that he was working nearby. Then he turned silent again. Clenching his palm and resting it against his forehead, he was again lost in thoughts. After a while he rose suddenly, told me that he would get down here and wished me, saying, “Have a good day”.

Now what would I have to do? Give him ten rupees?



Suffering is stronger than any other teaching


By Shilpa Nangali

We have to live each day as if it were our last. The past is over & gone, let’s not live in it. If you are lost in the past, you can’t see the sunshine of your future. However, the future is not guaranteed, so we should give the best we can today.

I always have felt & realized one thing that blessings alone do not open our eyes. Most of the times, we come closer to the God within us in the “breaking” & not in the “blessing”. If we look at the positive aspects in every incidence of our life, that’s probably one of the best ways to enjoy LIFE as a blessing and make it worth living!

Suffering is stronger than any other teaching, because it teaches us how we should be…we might be bent & broken, but that’s what gets us into a better shape and helps us fine tune our life!

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