E-Bikes, which run on electric power stored in battery, gives a mileage of around 50km. at a maximum speed of 25kms/hrs in one charge. Charging an e-bike is as simple as recharging a mobile phone! Connect the charger to the battery and the charger to a three pin domestic electric points & switch on the electricity and the battery starts getting charged. The charger automatically disconnects after the battery is fully charged, displaying green Led.

India based R.K.Motors has introduced “Snappy 180” Watts E-bike in the year 2005. Due to requirement of higher loading capacity “Snappy 2.4” 240 watts was launched in February 2006. Cost wise it is very economical at a price of Rs.19080/-** and 240 watts for Rs. 24,500/-**. “Matrix” is launched in September 2006.
Matrix SUPER


Snappy 2.4

Snappy 1.8