Dear Santa,

So far this year I have been good most of the time. I work very hard at my job. I am not wasting water unnecessarily. I am trying my best to reduce the usage of plastic papers. When you select my gifts, please remember my wish list.

Here is what I want most. Please do your best!

Pair of most trendy Watches (one formal and one casual looks)
A Television which telecasts my favorite programs when I need (As I reach home late from office, I miss many of my favorite programs like ‘World’s Amazing Videos’, ‘So You Think You Can Dance’)
A Magic Lamp (whenever I used to watch ‘Aladdin’ during my school days – I always wanted Magic Lamp. May be to do my homework – I don’t know if Genie’s handwriting matches mine.. he hee)

I understand that some of these things may be hard to deliver. A Magic Lamp, for instance, would be difficult to get from Aladdin. Now I am working, so Genie don’t worry you no need to write homework, instead I might ask you something else.

Here are some MORE things I want. Do your best, Santa!

I want no children to work in their schooling age
No children should be hurt, especially due to religion and economic status
Special transport facilities for our senior citizens
No corruption
School academics should have lessons that add moral values to kids’ lives
Fresh air
Increase the white tiger population

Santa, I am not being mean asking all these. I would like to be good, most of the time. So, I would also like to list Crazy Bloggers’ wish list.

Hari’s wish
Everyone should be happy and lead peaceful life
Help blind children and old age beggars
All should reach home safely daily
and last but not the least is that 2008 year
should never repeat as under gone so many pains and has lost their jobs.

Sowjanya’s Wish
I wish, whole heartedly that my heartfelt wish come true
I wish, things to be fine, the way they are usually

RockSta’s Wish List:
Discover India on a Bullet
Sony Erickson W902 mobile phone
Drive a Bugati Veyron in Seychelles
Enlist for U.N. Peace Keeping Force for a year
Hope I am not too selfish/greedy 😉

Jeshal’s wish list
Would like to take out more time for myself
Read and Write more
Do more socially useful work (work with kids and elderly)
Make lot of friends
Plant more trees
Buy a bicycle
Do more outdoor activities. (more jogging, more trekking)
Make a photobiography (Topic not decided yet. Readers can suggest something)
Take active participation to make India a clean green nation

Thank you,