After reading this article, many of you might think I am crazy or you might even google for it and then agree. Its a great grandmother’s story to her granddaughter passed across 3 generations.

The great granny was once suffering from some acute disease, she was approx. 80 yrs of age and was on her death bed. After days of suffering and without intake of food, she died. Or that was everyone thought. They made arrangements according to the Hindu tradition for her smooth transition into afterlife. yeah.. News about her death spread and people started to pour into the house. Dear and near ones were sad. After a few hours the great granny, suddenly came to her senses! she started to squabble something illegible. The crowd around was horrified. Dead woman alive?! This cant happen. Should not happen. Death is a one time call. After sometime of murmuring, she vomited. People around were taken aback because she spilled out, rice grains which were inches long. Then the granny narrated her dream to everyone. She told people surrounding her that she was led by two escorts with horns on their head (like those of an ox) and that she met Yama, who is the Lord of death in Hindu religion. But fortunately or unfortunately she was the wrong person who was picked up from earth. So the Lord treated the old lady with some Bhojanam (traditional food) and sent her back to earth with the escorts.

People were aghast, without words and the story spread throughout.

What the granny experienced then is called as Near Death Experience or NDE in today’s lingo.

NDE is defined as the out of the world experience that one has when he/she is terminally ill or met with a sudden accident or a seriously debilitating condition. Many people have reported their experiences throughout the world and has been even recorded. Scientists have tried to decode this phenomenon but have not succeeded much. When i google’d for info on this i came across this amazing website which documented examples of NDE. Go through at your leisure. This amazing phenomenon is so difficult to explain that doctors have debated on the mere existence of such a thing. People belonging to many religions have experiences based on their believes which is something strange.

NDE research has concluded from pre-birth to reincarnation. May be a past-life regression therapy can throw some light on it.

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