Wowwww, has not the year just flown by! Times flies isn’t it!

Happy birthday to ‘80 Feet Road Blog’! I still cannot believe that we have completed one year! My ship of blogging has begun its long journey through this blog. I wanted to give my self a voice and this happened with this very first blog. I found blogging as a better way to unveil myself and unwind my thoughts. I can’t believe how many of us started up our own blogs around the same time last year. I feel like we’re the baby boomers of blogging. I wish 2009 will be a great year for those of us who continue blogging like crazy 😉

I have certainly enjoyed one-year of blogging along with the comments we were getting for the posts. There have been some excellent discussions along the way in our 1-year journey, with some people being great and adding real value to the posts. And, what makes all of us happy is that we have a group of loyal readers of our posts and that increases our enthusiasm to write more. When deeper thoughts start to flow, just strike it, and blog! The so called ‘bloggish inspiration’ comes and goes but maintaining a balance is very much needed.

I’m a little late in congratulating my fellow bloggers but I did not want to miss an opportunity to congratulate you all on the one year anniversary of our blog and to thank you all for putting immense efforts to keep the site updated and more interesting.

Thanks for all your support and contributions in this first year of blogging, there’s still lots more to discuss…we assure you 🙂 We’re happy about our progress this past year and will try achieving more of success this year. All of you are welcome to jump in and join our reader community – and no doubt people…it’s a lot of fun! 🙂