Sowjanya Shankar: Her perseverance

Rocksta: Lots of them….I can narrow it down to two: forgiveness and patience

Shilz: “Being a woman”

Usha Gokak: Multi-tasking and patience

Hari Prasad: Character

Mouli Bhattacharya: Patience

Suja Meladath: I guess patience to tolerate almost anything…even injustice because she thinks of others first

Sangeeta Ghosh Dastidar: Patience, stoicness…..and tolerance too…and…hmmm can go on…

Namisha Srivastava: Her sensitivity

Prerna Peer: Her patience

Rakesh Kishore: Her patience, her never ending love and care to her loved ones…specially children

Kavitha Kumar: Her flexibility

Prathima: There are many, to name a few…her caring nature, patience, never ending love, tenderness, being soft, forgiveness, great cook, big kind heart, adorable and one can rely on her anytime

Shilpashri: Her womanhood

Guruvardhan J: Her tears

Anonymous: Confidence, hard work, timeliness, mannu masi etc… idne alwa elru helodu… ah range alli think madake baralla nange

Surprisingly, most of the women, I asked did not know what is their biggest strength! They just said they do not know and did not want to talk about it further.