As I started my day at office, I read this news which horrified me and left me in painful silence. The Mumbai police have arrested a 60-year-old man from Mira Road area for allegedly raping his elder daughter for the last 9 years. The ordeal began in 2000 when his elder daughter was 11-year-old. The elder daughter, now 21, was allegedly raped for 10 years. The businessman started raping his second daughter – a 15-year-old – just a few months ago. The mother of the two girls has also been arrested for abetment. How disgusting is that! The man apparently acted on the advice of a self-proclaimed tantric friend who advised him to establish physical relations with his daughter to improve his financial condition. Along with him, the mother of those two girls and the tantric have also been arrested for abetting the incest.

One side we talk of globalization, rationalization, fighting blind beliefs all that and the other side such horrible acts happen! I was just thinking of those two girls, who were exploited for the prosperity of family and to obtain financial stability! How much painful it will be for those two girls, usually if any problem comes in the childhood or teenage, we go to our parents, share with them and feel so happy sharing every little thing…let it be a bigger or smaller thing. But, where will such girls go, if parents themselves push them into such a living hell!!! How painful it is and what will happen to those poor little girls…how badly their hearts must be wounded along with the physical abuse!!! Thank God atleast the elder daughter revealed about this insane act! She confided in her maternal grandmother when she saw her younger sister being targeted just as she had been by her father. The girls further disclosed that the tantric had raped the younger sister, who is now 15-year-old. For now, the girls are staying with their maternal grandmother and uncle.

Sources: Hindustan Times & IBN Live