After so many reports doing the rounds on the utility of the new search engine WolframAlfa, its time for some action from Microsoft too. Next week it would be releasing its brand new search engine, code named Kumo (or something) at the D: All Things Digital conference.

Kara Swisher of AllThingsDigital blogged about this tool way back in March this year. Wonder if this new technology is something to do with Cloud Computing, the new buzz word. If it does then it would be awesome. By the way Kumo means Cloud or Spider in Japanese.

Microsoft search head Satya Nadella had released a few example searches using Kumo. Check one below.

I think, from the screenshot, the most useful thing would be the “Mark as spam” feature. Though it would really take anyone heck of a time to mark results a spam since there are so much of spam results now a days. Wonder how good is the “News Search” feature. It has also tried to incorporate a bit of ads on the result page. Hope the “old ad” strategy works for Microsoft.

The latest buzz doing the rounds on Kumo, is on its name. Yeah, don’t you think Microsoft would like to keep the name of its new product a surprise ? No wonder people have started speculating on some new could-be names like Bing, Hook and Sift.

Whatever be the name, Microsoft is surely trying to put a point across Google and Yahoo that it has not given up yet. Nope NOT yet.

Pics courtesy: AllThingsD