Proud To Say That Our National Bird is Peacock?

Check This Out –

The National Bird Of India Is Struggling For Survival. The Bird Is Shoved To Extinction.

I Searched Internet To Find The Number Of This Bird In Our Country. For My Surprise I Learnt That There Is No Current Census Conducted For Peacock.

I Did Not Go In Depth To Know The Causes of The Extinction As I Personally Encountered One Of The Worst Causes. Feathers!!!!!!!

Yes, It’s For Their Long Sexy Beautiful Attractive Feathers These Birds Are Killed.

Recently I Captured These Pictures While Traveling In Public Transport In The City.


Daring People!

Who Take Action Against This?

Why Do They Sell? Is That Because People Buy It?
Then Stop Purchasing! Educate The Consequences!!

Let Our Next Generation See How Peacock Look Like. It’s Our National Bird!!