Opened my Twitter account many months ago but din’t tweet much then. But when I started to, I really could not make out the different phrases people used. So thought of sharing few commonly used twitter terms with you all.


– This is the first and most important word. It’s a phrase used for a 140-character message sent to Twitter through a phone, the web, or any third-party applications. Tweets are public and can be read by anyone accessing the TwitterStream. (Tweets can be made public or private in the settings.)


– replies/direction to a particular person in a conversation. If the @username begins the Tweet then it’s a “reply” and if the @username appears somewhere else then it’s a “mention”. These replies and mentions can be accessed from your Twitter account in the “replies” tab.


– If someone comes across your tweets and finds it interesting, he/she might want to get updates from you as and when you tweet, then he/she can follow you and become a “Follower”. It is also possible to “block” someone from following. A blocked account cannot “follow” your tweets but can easily see your public tweets in a search.


– signal that a message is about a particular topic or event. Oftentimes, that event is an online chat.


– Remember “favorites” tab in your Twitter account? If you have bookmarked a tweet then it will be saved here.

DM or DT

– Short for Direct Message/Direct Tweet. Direct tweets are private and do not appear in the public timeline.

RT or Retweet

– It’s like forwarding an interesting mail to someone. But here you forward or “retweet” the tweet. Please make sure you give the original credit using the @username.


– Is a continuous flow of tweets by everyone you follow or on a public timeline.


–RSS feed for any twitter account.


– where one can see replies and tag cloud

Twitter Lingo


– people who tweet and are regular tweeters


– This word is used for a real-world meeting of people who have been connected through Twitter.


– Welcome to the world of Celebrity Tweeple or Tweeters.


– Just like Telepathy, a situation where one can predict what a tweeter is going to tweet before they even tweet it.


– a twitter stadium. Ah no, this phrase is used when Tweeple are watching a game and twitting each play.


– is someone who twitters while on a date. Oh man.


– text messaging a tweet to Twitter.


– Is made up of two words, Twit (meaning Twitter ) and Philia (meaning Love), so the word denotes a person who has an obsession with Twitter.


– Opposite to the above, used to denote someone with a strong disliking to everything Twitter.


– Welcome to the Twitter universe.

There are hundreds of such words coined by so many tweeters till now. This is a just a small collection of top phrases. Do comment on any other top twitter word you think is important to add up.