This is how I am presently looking like. This I clicked in my hotel room just few days back. I am in Sam Jongkhar, Bhutan on official visit. 8 Hours of strenous walking and playing all year round have contributed to this slim look. Special Thanks to Bhutan and my mom, who agreed in sending me there. To tell you the truth my mom failed to notice me at the Kolkata airport among the crowd when I went there during my summer holidays. I have reduced from 110 Kgs. in February, 2009 to 75 Kgs. in July, 2009 — an amazing loss of 35 Kgs. My determination and perseverance have paid off.

This photo comes to you after a special request from “RockSta”, Rakesh Reddy, who was eager to see my Bradd Pitt Image?? Am I looking the same?? Please do comment……..