You have to watch “3 Idiots”. It is truly a movie of the decade. Aamir as usual has excelled in his performance and is so brilliant. Behti hawa sa tha and Jaane nahi denge touched me a lot…All izz well and Zubi zubi are peppy 🙂

The best part of the movie is the questions that linger in your heart and mind after watching it. The views brought in this movie regarding the education system are wonderful. In an effort to be forefront in this competitive world, people are so much blind folded while studying that their target is just gaining marks and not about what they have learnt and how they will apply it. When words are merely just words and not turning into thoughts in our mind, not making us to think, then what’s the use of marks?

Shantanu Moitra, who has composed music for this movie, says, “I recently attended a school reunion and as we went down memory lane on that day we realized that some of the most memorable lines were spoken in a college canteen by teenagers who were no Karl Marx-es! Some of those casual statements were so profound that the meanings explode on you 20 years later!”

Chase excellence = Success will follow you!

When we live life on our own terms doing what we love to do then the beauty of leading such life is wonderful, it gives us all the strength and satisfaction!

Hats off to Raj Kumar Hirani and Aamir!