PUMA launches Solar-Powered Smartphone!

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It is said that PUMA starts in Sport and ends in Fashion. The PUMA PHONE certainly reflects that!

PUMA, of all the companies, has jumped on to the smartphone bandwagon. PUMA AG and Sagem Wireless have taken the wraps of their PUMA PHONE at the recently held Mobile World Congress.

Weighing 115g, the phone features a solar panel on its back, reminding me of the Samsung’s Blue Earth. It’s got a 2.8 inch, 240 x 320 QVGA touchscreen; 3.2 megapixel camera with LED flash and x6 zoom; a VGA video call camera; GPS; a pedometer for the fitness conscious; GPS tracker and stopwatch; and FM radio among other things.

The phone will be available in Europe and on PUMA website from April this year.

Here’s the teaser website for the PUMA PHONE – http://pumaphone.com/

For the full specifications, you can download the spec sheet available for free at the above mentioned teaser website or refer to the press release here – http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/puma-phone-roars-into-life-84464137.html

Of course, one can always Google for the hands-on reviews of the phone for more information. It is said to cost around 25000 Indian Rupees (400 Euros).


Raise a Slogan for the Royal Bengal Tigers

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While checking out interesting online entries on Tiger census, stumbled upon this blog – save-tiger.blogspot.com. Here is what one of the slogans read on the blog:

No Tigers = No Forests = No clean Air & Water = No You & Me = No Blogging = That sucks man!

For a moment, I was drawing a typical forest food chain in my mind as I had read in my schoolbooks. Ah, no prizes for guessing now….for why a question on food chain was set obligatorily in science exam papers.

Less tigers means > loss of vegetation cover due to rise in the number of herbivores > affecting water cycle (lesser transpiration volume) > lesser rain, more harmful particulate matter in air > threat to human beings > and yes, no human being, no words of wisdom online.

Sometimes a thought of losing such wonderful creatures sends a chill down the spine. The feeling is more and more frequent now. Remembering a Tiger cub in a spot hosted by a mobile carrier. Time to act!

Google’s newest Doodle – Vancouver 2010

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Google users – you all must have noticed the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic themed backdrop of the home page. The image has the torch in place of letter “l” and a small Olympic logo on the left hand side.

As usual, Google marks the games and sports extravaganza by changing its doodle to fit the taste of times. Google had marked Beijing 2008 showing five mascots carrying an Olympic flag.

Original doodler Dennis Hwang says, “I have several favorites. Usually, artists’ birthdays are the ones I spend the most effort on, like Monet’s birthday.”

Looking for more interesting logos post March 2010, as of now Google holiday logos can be seen indexed till March only.

Bon Googling – Google-Doodle-Do!

Wanna be ME!

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I wanna live my childhood again,

..experience the innocence and the truth within me and people around!

This time when I grow-up,

I don’t wanna lose ME..!

– RK