Well we all know how fast Google is. Better than most of the search engines are and it takes just a few Milli-secs to get your thoughts searched through huge bytes of data. As always Google is setting the benchmark of sorts in the race for quicker access to data you need.

Introducing Google Instant with the tag line “search-before-you-type” – well you may ask, what’s new in this? Many of us usually use ‘Google Suggest’ to get instant suggestions.. Google Instant takes this process a step further is my answer. Not only do you get the dandy suggestions, but u get the search page refreshed in micro-secs. Howzzat..

Here is what Google’s Blog has to say, “Instant takes what you have typed already, predicts the most likely completion and streams results in real-time for those predictions—yielding a smarter and faster search that is interactive, predictive and powerful.”

The screenshot below shows u everything and do note, it took Google just 0.05 seconds to go through about 134,000,000 results. Whoa!

Yesterday, Google CEO Eric Schmidt did hint about this change on his Twitter page (https://twitter.com/ericschmidt). 😛

All the speed with which we access data is a bit overwhelming sometimes, makes me wonder when Google or for that matter any data retrieval system/process will be faster than the human mind. Will discuss this in a future post.

So try it out here.. Google Instant and yes you can find a turn on/off switch on your top right hand side. If you want to switch the functionality off, then just hit the ‘Search’ button or the ‘Enter’ key on your keyboard.

Verdict: I did find Google Instant handy, as you don’t have to hit that Search button no more. Just one question that crops up is: how accurate is the search? Hope not to get addicted to it though. 😛