Greatest Mystery Of Creations..


By Deeksh

I struggled and searched to find some words new,

And yet I couldn’t capture.

I even find it difficult to write it down,

How do I portray, the love that you pour on me..

Love that no one can ever explain.

Love which is kind and made of sentiments..

Love made of sacrifice and pain..

Love which is unselfishness and endless.

Love that cannot be stolen or destroyed.

Love made of forgiveness and purity..

Love that means everything in the world to me..

Love which makes me feel so special.

Love that wipe my tears and worries..

Love that face my fears.

Love that always cross that extra mile, just to make me smile..

Love that is mystery so far.

Love that Mom shares with her kid..

(Specially dedicated to the Motherhood)


Lotus Feet Of My Master


In thy beautiful lotus feet my Lord
I shall seek love and truth alike

Where had you been O avatar of God
leaving me here in darkness and fear

Merci on me O Exalted one
I dint see the enlightened one

Churn the ocean of truth and knowledge
in the mind of this worldly ape

You filled my soul with love and joy
lest I be lost in the world of desire

Let me dine with you, let me sing with you,
show me the divine path O Lord, I shall follow you
like a dog.

Come fast my Guru, lest I be lost in this Maya
A Maya of temporary bliss, which is not what I seek

Give me O Master the eternal lamp of divine knowledge,
to burn the oil of Maya.

You can show me Allah, you can show me Christ,
you can show me Shiva and all the Gods above.

I shall be searching for you in everything I see my Lord
I shall become your loving disciple

Come fast O Lord, for I cannot bear no more
the ordeal of this Maya!

– dedicated to the lotus feet of one of the eternal teachers: Paramahamsa Yogananda

By Guruvardhan

….at least once!!


By Deeksh

Next time you’re in a training session, try this little experiment: Take a big yawn, cover your mouth out of courtesy. Watch out how many people yawn.

Before you finish reading this post, it’s likely that you will yawn at least once. I am not intending to bore you, but just reading about yawning will make you yawn, just as seeing or hearing someone else yawn makes us yawn.

As we all know, everybody yawns — from unborn babies (Research shows that 11-week-old fetuses yawn) to the oldest great-grandparents. Animals do it, too.

But the simple truth is that even though humans have been yawning for possibly as long as they have existed, we have no clue as to why we do it.

Let’s look what a Yawn is:

Yawning is an involuntary action that causes us to open our mouths wide and breathe in deeply.

Did you know the interesting Yawning facts:

Ø The average yawn lasts about six seconds.

Ø Your heart rate can rise as much as 30 percent during a yawn.

Ø 55 percent of people will yawn within five minutes of seeing someone else yawn.

Ø Blind people yawn more after hearing an audio tape of people yawning.

Ø Reading about yawning will make you yawn.

More from our bloggers:

“I love yawning……it refreshes ….. kind of the refresh we do in our computers…”

– RockSta

“YOUR yawing is injurious to MY health…”

– Hari

“When the laziness rises up in your body and threatens to erupt , it evolves into a reaction ,”the yawn”, and when its coupled up with outstreched hands and legs, the feeling is just pure heaven…”

– Niyad

“I find it relaxing when I yawn… rather than being just a precursor to sleep, sometimes yawning also cools my overheated brain, helping it to operate more efficiently and that keeps me awake….may be that’s why I like yawning..”

– Shilz

“Early morning early morning when i wake up from my sleep.. thoughts of yours crosses my empty brain, and make me yawn like sheep.. and then I go again to sleep”

– Jeshal

“Yawning is the most powerful way to release my stress… it energizes the body and the soul…”

– Guruvardhan



Come along, take a walk with me
a walk down a trodden lane
this walk may give me the answers
this walk may break the chain

I dare not take this walk alone
I dare not, lest I get scared
I’ve never taken walks alone
I’ve never ever dared

I know I’ve been there before
coz it’s all coming back
I can see the pandemonium
like darkness through a crack

Help me with these first steps
The trip ahead is long
Talk me thru these first steps
or maybe… sing me a song

What do you see round the corner?
coz I think I see light
Just can’t wait to get there
It’s been a really long night

I’m feeling a lot better now
I’m glad I took this walk
Thanks for all your songs
and thanks for all the talk

You’ve been there through the dark
Now stay with me while it’s bright
Then I’d know your not leaving
coz then it’d never be night..

Now that we’ve reached this place
Please… don’t let go of me
Coz I’ve walked right into your heart
Right where I want to be..


Is there a silver lining?


By Shilpa C Nangali

When I realized that love was an illusion
My heart got wrenched and the body was trembled

The cold hand holding the mobile started shivering
Awakening a pain within myself that is never easing

Eyes of my mind dart back and forth searching for dangers
Invoked by an over-active imagination of mind

The heart was stroked; words were caught within the throat,
In a battle between vain hopes and false promises

Knowing that the beloved never cares
An anxiety overtakes

In a mourning for my own life,
Betrayal of beloved keeps my heart wounded

Minutes pass, quietness returns,
With peace of mind being an oasis

Sadness settles upon the worn out soul,
Until sleep once again puts me away from haunting dreams

Hope never seizes
But is there a silver lining?

Glad I Found You


By Deeksh

I don’t want to loose you.

I’m so glad I found you..

It’s getting’ harder not to think of you.

Girl, I’m exactly where I wanna be!

All I need you here with Me!!

You make Me so confused!

With the love you’re givin’!!

How do I Know if I’m holding you!

Or letting you go away!!

I don’t want to loose you.

I’m so glad I found you..

Whistling For A Good Life


Whistling the boys go whistling,

For the girls who dream of them,

For the girls who look pretty then.

Whistling the boys go-on whistling…..

Whistling is fun and so is none,

Whistle for life and death to come

Whistling the boys go-on whistling…..

Whistling when the atom breaks,

Whistling when the work is late,

Whistling for a better world

To stop the nukes to follow up!

Whistling the boys go-on whistling….


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