Reduce your Carbon Footprint with every bite!

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SHARAN India presents 2 seminars in Bangalore on 26th & 27th March 2010
Concerned about the environment but wonder how you as an individual can make a difference?
Puzzled about the complex but very real connections between environment, health and lifestyle / consumption patterns?
This a four-hour seminar designed by Dr Nandita Shah, a well-known doctor, homeopath and founder of Mumbai-based SHARAN (Sanctuary for Health and Reconnection to Animals and Nature), an organization dedicated to the protection of our planet and all its many rich and diverse living forms.
Date : Friday 26th March 2010
Time : 5 pm – 8 pm
Place : First Floor Training Room, Times Foundation, The Times of India 40/1, S&B Towers, MG Road, Bangalore 560 001
Date : Saturday 27th March 2010
Time : 4 pm – 7 pm
Place : The Green Path # 32 / 2, New BEL Road, Seenappa Layout, Bangalore 560 094
Come and learn the fundamental principles of healthy eating, factors supporting good health, uncover the truth behind many myths, and clarify all your doubts.
Vegan snacks will be provided courtesy of Carnival Cakes.
No registration or fee required. Just come!
For more information, see the brochure here.
Organised by:
Sanctuary for Health and Reconnection to Animals and Nature (SHARAN)
Indian Youth Climate Network (IYCN)
Supported by:
The Green Path
Era Organic
Carnival Cakes

International Day of Climate Action – 24th October

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Hi all,

IYCN (Indian Youth Climate Network) in partnership with is organising events across namma Bengaluru on 24th of October’ 2009 to mark the International Day of Climate Action.

I would like to invite you all to be a part of this global movement organised across 163 countries and 3769 actions.

More details about the Bengaluru events @

We would require your active participation to make these events successful.

Thanks and regards,
M – 9980972288

Training programme on Zero Waste Management

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Training programme on Zero Waste Management

Hi All,

You are invited for the training programme on Zero Waste Management (ZWM) on 30th Aug, this Sunday.

A map is attached for the venue. Please follow the Blue line from Maharaja Hotel to Embassy Meadows. The concrete road ends at the Embassy Meadows, and you can park and walk to our house (Mr. Balaji’s house).

Training programme on Zero Waste Management (ZWM) By Vellore Srinivasan.

Time: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM. (date : 30th Aug)

Indian Heritage Academy
Address: 870, 20th Main, Koramangala 6th Block, Bangalore- 560095
Landmark: Near Koramangala Police Station

25530121, 25530304
9449708836, 9845545576


Contact details:
Balaji : 9844052132

Surya : 9902419903

Guru (President AID Bangalore) : 9845294184

Nikhil Dey’s (MKSS) Talk on 23rd Aug, 2:30p in Bangalore

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Nikhil Dey’s (MKSS) Talk on 23rd Aug, 2:30p in Bangalore

Ever wondered:
 What changes are needed to take India beyond the so called ‘First World’?
 Who are the real heroes behind the positive changes the country has seen in the last 5 years?
 What are behind-the-scenes stories of our country’s political and administrative system?
 How do national movements take birth and what do they look like today?
 Can we help transform the nation?

Speaking on Sunday, 23rd August at 2:30pm the venue below is Nikhil Dey of MKSS. MKSS
was founded in Rajasthan 22 years ago by Nikhil (24 at that time), Aruna Roy and Shankar Singh.

MKSS has gifted the country the most progressive laws since India’s independence: the RTI (Right to Information Act) and NREGA (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act). Pictures, documents, videos, etc. of their historical struggle are now part of the national archives at Nehru Museum, Delhi.

Read more about Nikhil and MKSS on:

We will show a short 15 min. film giving glimpses of their work and the struggle.

Please positively RSVP to help our planning since seating is limited. MKSS works on a shoestring
budget; please help by bringing your cheque books.


M: 98801-95372 M: 98804-13124

VENUE: Trans Indus, Basapanapalya, Tatguni, Bangalore – 66 (Map on next page.)

Trans Indus (Google Map)

Reach the Kanakpura Rd and NICE Rd junction (the only flyover on Kanakpura Rd). Go another ~1km south on Kanakpura Rd and turn right into the second road (after the NICE junction). This right turn is marked with several signs “BGS Int’l School”, “Trans Indus”, etc. Go about 3.5km on the winding road and turn left where sign says “Trans Indus”. Go another 0.75km and turn right into Trans Indus colony.

Park your vehicle just inside the security gate.

To see online, go to: and type TRANS INDUS, BANGALORE, INDIA in the search box.

Nikhil’s Talk
Q&A, discussion
(Conclusion ~ 4:30p)


As a free lance volunteer I have recently concluded my 5th trip to Rajasthan in the past ~7 months spending almost half the time there. What struck me the most about this organization and especially Nikhil, is that they directly take on pain and suffering on themselves to provide relief to others, a selfless trait that is extremely rare even in NGOs. Nikhil, and every one of MKSS members have impeccable integrity and survive on a monthly salary of Rs. 2800 (including ex-IAS officer Aruna Roy). Nikhil is unmarried and has 3 degrees (including one in law and one from U.S.).

During my last trip, I was sitting in a ‘dharna’ in front of SDM’s office in Bhim, Rajasthan. Nikhil and other MKSS members were encouraging the 500 or so peasants and laborers to demand their unpaid wages (imagine, govt. holding back their survival income of Rs. 100 per day!) MKSS’s work with the people of Rajasthan has given them an influential voice in the state and central governments. This was apparent in Nikhil’s calm and firm conversation with the SDM resulted in fulfillment of the demands of the people. (Aruna was part of National Advisory Council chaired by Sonia Gandhi that resulted in passing of RTI and NREGA Acts). Both, state and central govts., often come to MKSS for advice and help in implementation of govt. schemes.

Bangalore Platform on Climate Change

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Bangalore Platform on Climate Change


·         The Good Life in a low-carbon lifestyle: cultural and ethical issues for urban Bangalore

        by Siddhartha, Fireflies Ashram

·         Urban Waste: issues in generation and disposal in the time of Climate Change

       by Dr. Hoysala Chanakya, Centre for Sustainable Technologies, IISc

·         The Way Forward: Working groups discussion on Transportation, Carbon Footprint of Bangalore and any other.


Date and Time: August 7, 2009 (Friday); 4 to 7pm


Venue: Centre for Education and Documentation, Domlur


RSVP: send mail to or call 9341248784


For directions:


Centre for Education and Documentation


No.7 , 8th Main , 3rd Phase


Domlur 2nd stage, Bangalore 560071





The Bangalore Platform is an open civic space for reflection and action through greater understanding of the science, policy and ethical issues in the context of Climate Change


Bengaluru Speaks: NAMMA BENGALURU?

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Dear friend,


Come join us for the 11th session of


Bengaluru Speaks

An evening of uncommon conversation.


This Month’s theme: 

Civic Spaces to Engage, Enhance, Enjoy

SATURDAY, June 27th

4.30pm -7.00pm


Goethe-Institut /Max Mueller Bhavan (716 CMH RoadIndiranagar 1st Stage (opposite MK Ahmed Retail Store), Bangalore 560 0380)

Come engage in honest and constructive conversations about issues that matter to you and your city.

Last month’s Dialogue was “Dare to be an agent of Change? Your Wish List for the New Government”. It allowed participants to share their thoughts about the role of the government in bringing about real change in the society. Participants brain stormed concrete ideas as to how they themselves could contribute positively to changing the society.


Through insightful discussions, groups of participants were invited to understand people who have different backgrounds and perspectives on the issue. Most participants got new insights from the exercise and learnt about ways they could bridge the gap between what the government is doing and what they want at the local level.


This month, Meta-Culture Dialogics (MCD) will encourage participants to explore the topic:


Civic Spaces to Engage, Enhance, Enjoy.

We would like to provide a platform for citizens of Bengaluru to share their thoughts on how they can connect in deeper ways with Bengaluru, and share ideas about how they can improve and benefit from the city.


The dialogue will help participants vocalize their hopes and aspirations for our Bengaluru. Participants will share their thoughts on pertinent questions that will be posed to them, as well as, have the opportunity to converse with fellow citizens of Bangalore about relevant issues, in a respectful and safe space.


All are welcome.  Invite your neighbours, colleagues and friends.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Bengaluru Speaks is hosted by Meta-Culture. We work to build peaceable and sustainable communities by changing how individuals and groups in conflict talk with each other.

For more information about Bengaluru Speaks, Meta-Culture, facilitation, and dialogue, contact us on 080-4152-4785 or or visit our website

Inter-Religious Dialogue (IRD)

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You know a very nice Muslim man, who always says hello to you on your morning walks…

BUT you’ve seen his wife wearing a burkha, and you don’t understand why his religion promotes subjugation of women.

Your neighbour is a Hindu, a wonderful individual who says he believes in equality…

BUT you know he’s a Brahmin and you wonder what he’d do if an ‘untouchable’ entered his house.

Dear friend,

My name is Beth, and I am a facilitator with Meta-Culture Dialogics (  Meta-Culture aims to build peaceable and sustainable communities by changing how people in conflict talk with each other.

I am writing to invite your participation in a very exciting project: 
Meta-Culture’s second

Inter-Religious Dialogue (IRD)

WHAT is the Meta-Culture IRD?

You may know the “very nice” Muslim and the “wonderful” Hindu neighbour, but you may never have felt comfortable asking them more difficult questions about their faith and how they practice it. The Meta-Culture Inter-Religious Dialogue will give you an opportunity to honestly and openly express your thoughts and feelings about difficult issues such as the Hindu caste system, how women are regarded in Islam, and religious fundamentalism.  We create a space where you can safely think about and question your stereotypes and assumptions, even the ones you aren’t aware of!  By participating in the Meta-Culture Inter-Relgious Dialogue, you will not only learn about other people’s religion, but also about your own.

While Meta-Culture’s professional facilitators will guide the Inter-Relgious Dialogue, the sessions will not have a preset agenda.  Participants’ concerns and areas of interest shape the course of the discussion.  Through inquiry and deep listening, participants will deepen their understanding of each other’s opinions and ideas about their own identity, the identity of “the other,” and their place in a multi-cultural India.

WHEN and WHERE is the IRD?

The IRD will take place over eight weeks, starting in late June and ending in early August. 

There will be FOUR 3-hour dialogue sessionsheld on alternating weeks throughout the 8-week period.  The day and time of the dialogue sessions will be determined based on the participants’ availability.

All sessions will be held at Meta-Culture’s office in Frazer Town.

WHO are we looking for? 

Meta-Culture is looking for TEN individuals to participate in the upcoming Inter-Religious Dialogue.  We are looking for participants who:

·  Are HINDUS or MUSLIMS living in Bangalore.

·  Are between the ages of 30 and 65.

·  Identify strongly with the religious community they belong to.

·  Are practicing followers of their religion.

·  Have a fair amount of influence within their community (though are not necessarily official religious leaders).

·  Are open to learning about themselves and others.

·  Are able to make a complete time commitment for the entire duration of the dialogue process.

Interested individuals should be aware that:

·  The IRD will not focus on the theological differences between the Hindu and Muslim religions

·  The IRD is not a place for individuals from one religion to try to convince others that their religion is “right.”

·  Participants in the IRD will be expected to attend all four 3-hour dialogue sessions.

·  Participants in the IRD will be expected to participate in three ½ hour one-on-one interview sessions with a Meta-Culture staff person (before, mid-way through, and after the dialogue sessions) so that Meta-Culture can monitor and evaluate the process.

How can you get involved?

If you or someone you know is eligible for and interested in becoming a participant in the Meta-Culture Inter Religious Dialogue, please respond directly to this e-mail.  Please send us your:

·  Full name

·  Religious affiliation/community

·  E-mail address

·  Phone number

·  A brief statement about why you want to participate in the IRD

Expressing your interest in the IRD does not mean you will be selected to participate. Meta-Culture will review the e-mails we receive and select those individuals who we will consider for participation in the IRD.  If you are among the individuals we are considering, we will be in touch with you by phone to learn more about you and your interest in participating. We will then make our final selection of participants.  

We believe you will enjoy and benefit from the experience of participating in the Meta-Culture Inter-Religious Dialogue.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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